Veterinary Staff Presentation Outline

1. The socialization period

  • Finite period of time; up to about three months
  • More open to new experiences
  • Learning about people, other animals, environments, and novelty
  • Improper or inadequate socialization can lead to behavior issues later in life
    • Lack of experience is just as detrimental as a bad experience
    • Socialization is not just about exposure—it is about positive experiences!

2. Puppy Start Right Preschool

  • Safe and controlled environment
  • Educate puppy parents about proper management and prevention of undesirable behaviors
  • Teach the puppy parents how to make socialization positive
  • Facilitate the bond between the puppy and owner
  • Introduce positive reinforcement training

3. Steps being taken to minimize risk of infectious disease

  • AVSAB position statement on Puppy Socialization and AAHA Canine Life Stage Guidelines advocating group puppy socialization
  • Health and vaccine requirements for Puppy Start Right Preschool form
  • Veterinary Certificate form
  • Steps being taken by instructor to minimize risk
    • Cleaning areas before and after class with parvocidal disinfectant
    • Toys and exploration items cleaned thoroughly after use
    • Accidents are cleaned up immediately
    • Briefly examine each puppy as they enter class
      • Bright, alert, responsive, and active
      • Gums and tongue are pink
      • Free from eye or nasal discharge (yellow or green discharge) and not sneezing or coughing
      • Coat free of fecal staining (possibly from diarrhea)
      • No evidence of hair loss, free of crusty skin lesions, or external parasites (fleas/ticks)

4. How sending their clients to PSR Preschool will benefit their practice

  • Client and pet retention
    • It is estimated that 15% of dogs changes homes annually (relinquished to another owner or shelter)
    • If their hospital loses a conservative 5% of dogs from their practice annually due to relinquishment, it can equate to a significant financial loss class
  • Less time explaining how to handle normal puppy challenges (house training, play biting, crate training, etc.) in the exam room because Puppy Start Right Preschool addresses those topics in detail
  • Ease of handling
    • Puppy Start Right Preschool emphasizes making handling and restraint fun from the start
    • This helps owners be able to provide routine care at home (ear cleaning, brushing, etc.)
    • This makes these dogs easier for them to handle in the hospital
  • More visits to your hospital
    • If the dog enjoys visiting your hospital because it is not afraid, the owner will come more often

Provide the hospital with your Puppy Start Right Preschool flyer and encourage them to audit or attend the class!