Christina G

So far, working with Brian has been a dream. We rescued a dog that we quickly realized was NOT socialized and we were tired of all of the barking. We started attending a group obedience class that used old school, physical methods-- it was a nightmare. Neither of us learned anything. We have two cats, a small child, and live in a fairly busy neighborhood. For a reactive dog that barks at everything, this was a recipe for a noisy, miserable life together. I decided it was time to do something completely different, and found Brian.


Since meeting Brian almost 1 month ago, things have changed so much. He has given us some incredible tools to use, plus frequent email and phone support. I've often referred to him as my "dog therapist." I can't wait to see how our dog will evolve after another month of work. I will be sad when our sessions end, but I will have a calmer dog that has coping tools, and an excellent resource in Brian.


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