Nancy B.

"I first met Brian when he came into my workplace with his two gorgeous and well behaved dogs. After discovering that he was a dog trainer and telling him that I was having difficulty getting my dog to listen to me we set up a few training sessions.

Brian uses the "clicker" training method where you just click when your dog does something right followed by a treat that reinforces the desired behavior.

Brian was very professional you can immediately see 
how much he loves and cares about dogs. He gave concise, written homework so that I could practice with my dog in between sessions. He was very patient and sweet with my dog and didn't overwork or stress her.

The best part is that not only did my dog quickly take to Brian's training but she also responded to him as a new buddy. She is usually very shy and timid around people she doesn't know well but after a session or two she was very excited to see him her tail would not stop wagging! I can highly recommend Brian!!"

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