Elizabeth T.

"I adopted Grace at 6 weeks. She bonded quickly to our family as we did with her. She became very protective of our family, especially me, and our property. Other issues were slowly becoming apparent.

With a huge list of dog trainers before me, something in my gutt told me to give Brian Goldrick a call.

Our first phone conversation made it clear I had made the right choice. I picked up on his compassion and respect for our 4 legged friends right away. I was much in need of a trainer who had experience with dogs with social issues. Taking Grace for a walk became very unpleasant to the point of becoming unbearable, as she would rear up on her hind legs, fur extended up, growling and barking and pulling towards every dog we walked by. Her response was frightening not only to me but every dog walker we passed by.

I explained to Brian that we had both been attacked by loose roaming dogswithin a short period of time -between attacks, and I contributed these experiences to her reactions towards other dogs. To this day, I panic when I see dogs walking unleashed and I know Grace senses my fright.

Brian and Grace immediately clicked upon meeting. Thru our weekly sessions, Brian patiently taught the click and treat method of dog training. It takes time for both owner and dog to adjust, my dogs responses are quick and I had to learn to be just as quick. Lots of Practice.

The day Grace and I walked through the park, passing by multiple dogs and owners without her being reactive was a blessing I was waiting for. So thankful!!! Taking Grace for walks became enjoyable. When service techs come,by, ie, plumbers, electrician, the painter, UPS man, click and treat works wonders.

Thanks for the harness leash, love the way its works.

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